Ardo Verffabriek is the specialist in dispersing pigments with the use of pearl mills, turbo mills, dissolvers and three roll mills.

We manufacture pigment dispersions for the coating, ink and plastic industry e.g.

  • Waterborne pigment pastes
  • Universal colour pastes
  • Alkyd based pigment pastes
  • Acryl based pigment pastes
  • Colour pastes based on plasticizers 
  • Colour pastes based on epoxy

Quality and innovation
The coating, ink and plastic industry is a dynamic market, which require quality and an innovative approach. Ardo Verffabriek has over 65 years of experience and knowledge of this market and can support and assist you. To maintain a high quality level, we verify our product on colour strength, fineness and viscosity.

Ardo Verffabriek has an extensive machine park to handle a broad range of pigments and binder types. We have pearl mills, turbo mills, dissolvers and three roll mills of well known brands, like Netzsch and Dyno Mill. The newest pearl mill of Netzsch can even grind up to nanometre range.

Toll manufacturing
Next to our own products, it is possible to put out under contract the production of your pigment dispersions. Due to our flexible organisation we can produce nearly all tailor made pigment dispersions.