Your product in good hands!

Next to our product range, it is possible to fabricate your products and formulations in our production facility.

We possess an extensive and modern machine park, which can produce a great diversity of products. The ensure quality, we only produce with high-quality machineries of well known brand, like Netzsch, WAB Dyno-mill and Joseph Vögele.

The machineries are suitable for mixing different liquids and disperse solids into liquids.

Dissolvers DissolverThe dissolver can be used for mixing liquids and dispersing pigments.

The dissolver can handle dispersions with a low and middle viscosity.
Parelmolens (Horizontal & vertical) Netzsch parelmolenThe pearl mills are used for dispersing pigment dispersions. The pearl mill has a high grinding fineness, which ensure a high quality dispersion.

The pearl mill can also be utilized to improve de fineness of dispersions.

The pearl mill is especially suitable for dispersions of a low and middle viscosity.

Turbo Mills Netzsch Turbo MillThe Turbo Mills are, just like the pearl mills, used for grinding pigment dispersions.

De Turbo Mill does an excellent job in grinding pigment dispersions with a low and middle high viscosity.
Three roll mills / One roll mills DriewalsThe three roll mills and one roll mills are especially for the products with a high viscosity. The three roll mills are used for grinding pigment dispersions. They also have the function to filter the rough materials, stabilize and deaerate products.
Ovens Industriële ovenSome products are only machinable on a certain temperature. We have ovens, which can heat the product up to 300 degrees to process these product.

An example of these products is a wax emulsion.

If desired, we can perform quality checks on your products. It is also possible to keep a stock of commodities and to produce products for calling down.

Do you have any questions or curious if your product can be produced? Please contact us.