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Ardo Verffabriek is the specialist in grinding techniques and pigment dispersions. Ardo profiles itself as a strong and reliable associate for organisations active in the coating, ink and plastic industry.

Ardo Verffabriek 1970The Ardo Verffabriek originates from the steam madder factory developed by mister Zocher and Koopman in 1850. Their mission was to develop madder for the coating industry. In 1883 the business was sold and given a new name, Haarlemsche Stoomverffabriek v/h W. Leur & Co.

The new focus lay on the production of chemicals paints and products. There was even a business unit active with grinding pigment dispersions in line seed oil.

During the war, the factory had to stop the production for a while. After the war Mister Maas decided to sell to company and became a wholesaler in painting merchandise.
The brothers Jan & Nol van Weezenbeek, till that moment active in trading coatings and  paintbrushes, took over the Haarlemsche Stoomverffabriek in May 1947.
The brothers Weezenbeek changed the name to Ardo Verffabriek. The name Haarlemsche Stoomverffabriek refers to manufacturing processes based on steam, but in these days the did not make use of steam any more, they used electro engines.

Haarlemsche Steam Paint factoryDuring the first years, Ardo Verffabriek concentrated at the production of colour pastes only intended for the professional painter. After successful years they expanded their vision and decided to serve the whole chain in the coating industry with colour pastes.

In 1968 the sons Jaap and Hans van Weezenbeek boarded the company. Due to it's growth, they build a new manufacturing plant at the Marconistraat 5 in Heerhugowaard.

A large plant of three roll machinery was build to manufacturer pigment dispersions with a high viscosity.

Ardo Verffabriek grew in a rapid pace. Several new buildings were necessary to house al activities.  


The last decades, Ardo Verffabriek has devoted their passion to the creation and production of colour pastes for the coating, ink and plastic industry and grinding and dispersing the products of third parties.

To stay up to date with modern processing technology, in which colour paste with a low viscosity gained popularity, investments were made in pearl mills and turbo mills.

The next generation
The newest generation focuses on three features, namely quality, innovation and service. Our product are subject to strict quality measures, which enables us the serve customers with high quality products.

Ardo Verffabriek aims at a high level of customer service. We value short delivery times and customized products.

Office - 2010
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